Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What if I’ve never done yoga before/am very new to it?

All the more reason to come! It doesn’t matter if this is your first yoga class or 500th, this space welcomes all students. Our teachers are highly trained to make safety a top priority and always offer modifications to each pose, while gently encouraging you to find your “edge” in your practice.

2. I have an injury, can I still come to class?

Always make sure to listen to your body and be aware of it’s limits, and never push it to do something that might aggravate a previous injury. And, make sure to let your teacher know soso they can offer the proper modifications.

3. Are packages transferrable?

Yes! You can gift and transfer your packages.

4. How hot do the hot yoga classes get?

We set our studio’s temperature to 90 degrees for hot yoga. Be sure to bring water (we have some in case you don’t!) and take care of yourself during practice — if you feel the class is getting to intense, you are welcome to take a resting pose such as Child’s pose.