Our Instructors

All of our instructors are 300+ hour certified and graduates of the Warrior One yoga teacher training program. Read more about their backgrounds and expertise below!



She is a wife, a mom of 3 teenage boys and 2 Doberman!! Julie has her 300 CYT, Young Yogi, CPR and Personal Trainer Certificates.

Other hobbies that bring her joy are hiking any outdoor sports, family time, and gardening!

“Yoga is power and peace.” She is committed to helping her students ignite their inner power and be their best self ever! She is so overjoyed to bring the power of yoga to our area and cannot wait to share her love and light with the community!!

Jen Warrior One Winter Garden Windermere.jpg


Jen’s lived in and out of Orlando over the last 5 years but recently, accepted it as home. Yoga teacher training was offered to her during a very difficult time and she saw it as a an opportunity to heal. Bringing her into a community that is now full of her closest friends and supporters.

Kate Salvatori | Wariror One Winter Garden .jpg


Kate is a 300-hr RYT with specialized training in the Baptiste style of yoga. She has been a practitioner of yoga since a very young age, when her Mother bought her Babar does Yoga. Kate is excited to empower the Winter Garden/Windermere community to find both power & peace through yoga. When Kate isn’t at the studio, you can find her in her backyard garden, tending to her never-ending crop of kale.

Megan | Warrior One Winter Garden Windermere.jpg


Megan is a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. She leads her classes with Baptiste-driven inspiration, is certified Level One (100 hours), skilled in the art of assisting and unstoppable.

Heidi Gobetz | Warrior One Winter Garden Windermere.jpg


Heidi is a consultant, Mom, wife and 300-hour certified yoga teacher. She’s been exploring yoga for about 9 years and teaching for 2.

She’s excited to be part of yet another Warrior One opening and sharing yoga with everyone. For her, Yoga is the union of mind, body, breath and community. She’s committed to helping you find that union, challenging yet supporting you during the journey.

Scott Gobetz | Wariror One Winter Garden .jpg


Scott is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and personal trainer. Yoga is learning to trust yourself. I am committed to providing a safe space for you to explore and grow. My favorite pose right now is eagle because I love how quiet my mind gets when I connect fully to breath and drishti.



Yoga is about being in inquiry. I am committed to helping you stay in the discovery. My favorite pose right now is tree pose because you can explore the connection between focus and balance as well as the variety of ways you can grow you branches.

Zoe Gobetz | Warrior One Winter Garden Windermere


Zoe Gobetz is a 200 hour WarriorOne certified teacher in the second class one of the original trainees. She has been a teacher for 4 years in North Carolina in a Baptiste studio and also sold out goat yoga classes. She is a recent graduate of North Carolina State in chemical engineering with sustainable energy emphasis! A true environmentalist and Warrior!

Grant | Warrior One Winter Garden Windermere


Grant moved to Florida in 2009 to perform for Disney. Once he left Disney he took his energy into American Sign Language, which he earned his degree. Grant came across Warrior One two years ago. From the moment he walked into the studio it was if he had found “belonging” and “purpose.”

As a teacher Grant brings a fun, powerful, uplifting energy. An energy that is fueled by a passion for the student to thrive in their power. To see a student succeed in something, they’ve always had, and never tapped into is the greatest thing. By a passion for leadership and a heart for a good time (with a quick wit and pun filled class at times) Grant loves to bring a side of yoga that isn’t based around “just” a pose, but a felling that will last you long after you are off you mat. 

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Born and raised in Central Florida, Joanne provides a welcoming and relatable environment for every BODY in her class. 300HR CYT and SWC Certified Personal Fitness Instructor; currently enrolled in the Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program at Warrior One.

Using basic yoga fundamentals as the core of her classes, Joanne encourages practitioners to develop a strong foundation in order to further their practice every day. You already have the tools you need to build your best life, or get creative with the life you have now! Yoga allows you to take care of your physical self while tapping into your deeper self.



Heather owns A Room of Therapy and has been practicing massage therapy for the past 10 years. She is a 300 hr CYT. Yoga  training introduced a level of connection, empowerment and self love that was life changing for her. A big kid at heart she was naturally drawn to kids yoga and wanted to share this gift with them. 

Alex Clermont | Wariror One Winter Garden .jpg


He is a 300 CYT. Sharing the POWER of yoga. His mission is to show people the Warrior that resides within them! Challenging students so that transformation is possible

Alex is also a certified  Schwin Indoor Cycling instructor, CPR Certified, 4th Dan Masters Level World Tae Kwon Do Black Belt, SCW Yoga Instuctor & AFAA Group Exercise Instructor!

He cannot wait to share his light at the new studio.